St. Paul's Episcopal Church


The Episcopal presence in Doylestown since 1846.



This Week at St. Paul's — August 26, 2018




The Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost
+ 8:00am – Holy Eucharist, Rite I
+ 10:00am – Holy Eucharist, Rite II

The schedule of Sunday servers, the prayer list, and other information follows the announcements.




A Joyful Visitation from Bishop Daniel Gutiérrez
Last Sunday, 172 souls came through the doors of St. Paul’s for a celebratory mass, presided over by our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Daniel Gutiérrez. So many thanks to everyone who came together to make it a joyful and successful day! Adding to the special character of the day, the following parishioners underwent the rites of Holy Baptism, Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation:

  • Sealed by the Holy Spirit in Baptism, and marked as Christ’s own for ever: Cydnee Brill.
  • Those who received the laying on of hands in the sacramental rite of Confirmation: Caroline Canterbury, Grace Canterbury, Arnold DuBell, Maddie Leonardis, Ainsley Massey, and Emma Ward.
  • Those who were Received into the communion of the Episcopal Church: John Fraser, Gene Kennedy, A.J. Mayorga, Mae O’Brien, and Gene Reilly.
  • Those who Reaffirmed their baptismal vows: Robert Ball and Jean Rollo.

School Supply Collection: Update
An update on the school supply collection effort benefiting the Bucks County Housing Group: parishioners joined together to donate 18 backpacks full of supplies, which were delivered to our local shelter for distribution in our area. We also sent about 60 pounds of loose school supplies to our Episcopal Community Services contact in Philadelphia (with whom we also partner for the Shoebox Christmas outreach). Thank you for your generosity in giving toward needy students in our area, and putting the love of neighbor into practice.

Stewardship: Committee & Fall Campaign
The Stewardship Committee is preparing for the fall stewardship campaign, and is seeking new people to share in this work—an opportunity to contribute time and talent to the vital task of funding the mission and ministry of St. Paul’s in 2019. This work is important, but it is not difficult; many hands can make it light. Please prayerfully consider this opportunity. For more information, contact Robert Ball (215-345-6625).

Book Group Meeting
The St. Paul’s Book Group is planning to meet on Wednesday, Sept. 12th at 7:30 in the Ed. Wing Conference Room to discuss The Snow Child, by Eowyn Ivey. All are welcome.


The Saint Paul’s Market is Open
Gardeners: If you are growing more than you can use, please bring in your extras!
Buyers: Please make a generous donation for what you take. 
The offerings may be small as our gardens get going, but be sure to check each week to see what is available. Proceeds benefit the ‘Little Red House’ Collection, used to buy food for the residents of the Doylestown Homeless Shelter.


The St. Paul’s NurseryNew Location
St. Paul’s offers nursery care for our littlest ones during the 10:00 service on Sundays in our new Nursery location—now downstairs in the Education Wing. Parents of children ages 6 months to 3 years can drop them off starting at 9:30am. Our Nursery is very kid-friendly, with toys, books, and even a crib for those needing a nap. Feel free to make use of it as needed, whether for the whole service or until Communion. Children of all ages are always welcome in church. As Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me…”

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Service Recordings Online
View our weekly 10:00am mass, listen to sermons, and see other events in the life of our parish by going to our YouTube Channel (click “subscribe” to get updates when new videos are published).




Sunday Servers, Prayer List, Anniversaries, Etc.




Eucharistic Ministers:
8:00 a.m.: George Wiemann, Ruth Carlson (Chalicer)
10:00 am: Pike Stephens, Widgette Kelly

10:00 a.m.: Ainsley Massey, Madelynn Massey, J.T. Massey

8:00 am: Myra Parker
10:00 am: Christina Hopkins

8:00 am: Ann Laughlin, Nancy Hunter       
10:00 am: Maureen McGraw, Deborah Cowhey

Altar Guild:
Team D: Widgette and Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly, George Wiemann


Weekly Intercessions: “For this community, for every city and community, and for those who live in them, let us pray to the Lord: Lord, have mercy.” (BCP, p. 384)


Peter LaRosa, nephew
   of Ann Laughlin
Steve Rubenstein
Richard Howard, uncle
   of a parishioner
Jim Picarro
Polly Wright
Cynthia Zayon
Mark Elliott
Lynda Butcavage
Michael Blakesley
Annette Ragusa
Valerie Gardner
Helene Grande
Nina Kirk and baby Grace
Jean Ruger, sister
     of June Psculkowski
Gail Kessling
Paul Sullivan
Mary Jo Jenkinson, friend
   of Robyn and Allan Mohr
Dorothy Schmidt
Faye Gomez
Tamara Payne
Uvette, friend
   of Dorothy Schmidt
Ray and Jeri Subers
David Ladd
Katherine Curtis
Julie McGill, sister-in-law
   of Janet McGill

Laura Heberley, friend
   of Sam and Joyce Palermo
Richard Podlovits, father
   of Donna Leonardis
Carolyn Sadowski
Ron Prybycien
Rhett Keefrider
Angel Cruz, friend of Libby Wheeler

Linda Horton, friend of Libby Wheeler
Gary Derr, friend of Libby Wheeler

Bettie Reynolds
Mae O’Brien
Roy Andrews
June Price, cousin of Myra Parker
Leslie Murphy, sister of Jan Weidmann
Peter Murphy, brother-in-law
   of Jan Weidmann
David Walter, friend of Sam
   and Joyce Palermo
Mr. Aristidis
Eileen Reilly
Patricia and Al, friends of the Kirk family
Patricia Reed


8/26    Jeffrey Wheeler
8/29    Carol Paiste
8/30    Skye O'Donnell
8/31    Betsy Schaeffer
           C. Mitchell Smith
9/1      George Wiemann

8/28  Katheryn Josko
         Shane Seckinger
8/30  Linda Vernaci
9/1    Sarah Gosnell

8/28    Bill and Dawn Burke
8/29    Paul and Lori DiSandro


Readings for 8/26: (click to read)
1 Kings 8:1, 6, 10-11, 22-30, 41-43
Psalm 84 or 84:1-6
Ephesians 6:10-20
John 6:56-69

Hymns for 8/26
Processional: 408 (Sing praise to God who reigns above)
Offertory: 631 (Book of books, our people’s strength)
Communion: 324 (Let all mortal flesh keep silence)
Closing: 460  (Alleluia! sing to Jesus!)

From the Ledger: (pledge & plate)
2018 Pledge & Plate needed each week: $4,806
2018 Pledge & Plate received 8/19: $3,396
Surplus / (Shortfall): ($1,410)
2018 Cumulative Surplus / (Short): ($2,086)
Borrowed from Line of Credit for Operating Acct:  $0

Amount received on 8/19 for the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund: $777

Last Sunday Attendance, 8/19
9:30am:  172