St. Paul's Episcopal Church


The Episcopal presence in Doylestown since 1846.



This Week at St. Paul's






Holy Week Announcements


The Maundy Thursday Liturgyis offered tonight at 7:00 p.m., including foot-washing, Communion, choral anthems, and the Stripping of the Altar. The Sacrament is brought to the altar of repose in the Chapel; an all-night vigil is kept until noon the next day.

The Good Friday Liturgy with the Solemn Collects, Veneration of the Cross, and Communion from the Reserved Sacrament will be offered at 12:00 noon tomorrow. Child care will be available.
The Great Vigil and First Eucharist of Easter with Holy Baptism will take place this Saturday, March 31, at 7:15 p.m. All are invited to bring bells to be rung at this service. Child care will be available.
On Easter Day, April 1, the Holy Eucharist will be celebrated at 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Child care will be available during both liturgies. Weather-permitting, an outdoor Easter Egg Hunt will follow the 10:00 a.m. mass




Easter Day Servers, Prayer List, Etc.




Eucharistic Ministers: Joe Farina, Ruth Carlson (Second Chalice), Christopher McCall

Acolytes: Sarah Hutchison, Alex Kelly, Liam Kelly

Lectors: Patty Berger, Michael Kelly

Ushers: Ann Laughlin, Jim Happ, Bob Byerly, Ray Seckinger

Altar Guild: Team A: Erika and Grace Canterbury, Jacky Grande, Jean Rollo

Flower Guild 4/8: Audrey Jackson

Choir: George Achilles, Trudie Benton, Bob Binkley, Wendy Brumbaugh, Faith Donaher, Jill Dulany, Palmer Haffner, Nick Lindberg, Mike Roberts, Sue Roberts, Anne Shute, Jim Shute, Caitlin Stein, David Taylor, Deborah Taylor, Kate Thompson


Intercessions: In your prayers this week, please remember the following members of St. Paul’s Parish Community and their families:


Peter LaRosa, nephew
   of Ann Laughlin
Steve Rubenstein
Richard Howard, uncle
   of a parishioner
Jim Picarro
Mary Howe
Polly Wright
Cynthia Zayon
Mark Elliott
Lynda Butcavage
Michael Blakesley
Alexandra McCullum
Annette Ragusa
Valerie Gardner
Helene Grande
Nina Kirk and baby Grace
Jean Ruger, sister
     of June Psculkowski
Gail Kessling
Paul Sullivan
Mary Jo Jenkinson, friend
   of Robyn and Allan Mohr
Dorothy Schmidt
Harold J. Wilson, Sr.

Faye Gomez
Tamara Payne
Uvette, friend
   of Dorothy Schmidt
Ray and Jeri Subers
David Ladd
Katherine Curtis
Bryce Mongillo
Jennifer Palermo,  
    granddaughter of
   Sam and Joyce Palermo,
   for a healthy pregnancy
Julie McGill, sister-in-law
   of Janet McGill
Laura Heberley, friend
   of Sam and Joyce Palermo
Richard Podlovits, father
   of Donna Leonardis
Carolyn Sadowski
Frank Giordano, friend of
     the Kirk family
Gerry Lopez



Joshua Dozier (4/1)
Janet McGill (4/2)
Bruce Kingeter (4/3)
Kevin Dulany (4/4)
Pam Gazda (4/4)
Kris Uhlenbrock (4/4)
Kristin Moore (4/6)
Joseph Josko (4/7)


Marriage Anniversaries:
Allan and Robyn Mohr (4/6)


Readings for Easter Day: (click to read)
Isaiah 25:6-9
Acts 10:34-43
John 20:1-18
Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24

Hymns for 4/1:
Processional: 207 (Jesus Christ is risen today)
Sequence: 180 (He is risen, he is risen!)
Offertory: 210 (The day of resurrection!)
Communion: 184 (Christ the Lord is risen again!); 192 (This joyful Eastertide)
Closing: 205 (Good Christians all, rejoice and sing!)

From the Ledger: (pledge & plate)
2018 Pledge & Plate needed each week: $4,806
2018 Pledge & Plate received 3/25: $5,984
Surplus / (Shortfall): $1,178
2018 Cumulative Surplus / (Short): ($2,797)
Borrowed from Line of Credit for Operating Acct:  $0

Previous Sunday Attendance 3/25:
8:00am: 48
10:00am: 115
Total: 163





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